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Gardner’s iMODULUS truly scalable Modular Data Centre Solution, provides a simple, modular alternative to conventional and ISO containerized solutions. Based on a scalable specification offering true flexibility to those businesses that need a solution to be delivered quickly, but that also anticipate the need to allow for future growth in terms of both power load and technical space.

The mechanical and electrical systems installed in the iMODULUS solution are designed to be modular in arrangement so that they can be scaled up or down, without affecting the resilience whilst simultaneously providing flexibility.

With green credentials, the harmonized power and cooling in our iMODULUS scalable Data Centre can also lead to lower capital and operational costs reducing expenditure by a minimum of 20%.

The basic startup iMODULUS system can start with as little as 30m² of data hall space with one cooling/power module giving an ‘N’ rating, or if you require ‘N+N’ rating, two cooling/power modules can be supplied.  Both also have varying options for generator backup. The basic iMODULUS system can house 12 number 800 mm x 1200 mm or 17 number 600 mm x 1000 mm racks, you can then also add another 30m² iMODULUS with appropriate cooling/power modules, this then enables housing for 24 racks in a cold aisle containment configuration, offering additional power/cooling savings.

As Gardner’s iMODULUS solution is client neutral, this innovative approach also means that tried and tested solutions operating at the height of efficiency can be offered to any client with the added benefit of providing absolute reassurance of performance, backed by a world leading supply chain of Data Centre experts.

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