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Ultra low PUE, High rack energy, Fire proof - The GDCS Air to Air (A2A) Solution.

For years, GDCS has been building and designing data centres. Over this period our customers ICT housing requirements and priorities have evolved and changed. Early customer requirements for security, connectivity and resilience are now taken as data centre service givens. Todays data centre customer additionally require:

The GDCS A2A modular solution delivers all of these contemporary needs plus more:

GDCS Air to Air (A2A) Modular Solution

Fig 1. A2A Module Section

To satisfy these contemporary customer requirements, GDCS  has worked with Partner organisations – Munters and Digiplex to create an innovative modular data centre cooling module fit for the 21st century.

The A2A ATP essentially consists of two back to back coupled air handling units (AHUs). One side of the coupled AHUs draws in outdoor air into the ATP, passing it over a specially designed heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is wetted with a water irrigation system, thereby introducing powerful adiabatic evaporative cooling effects. After passing through the heat exchanger, the outdoor air is re-expelled to atmosphere. The other side of the coupled AHUs draws in air from the data centre white space hot aisle,passes that over the cooled heat exchanger plus a load lopping DX coil, and then back into the underfloor void of the data centre cool aisles.

All of the cooling equipment is factory installed in the pre- packaged ATPs, which come complete with all necessary controls. The ATPs are configured in clusters of three units, thereby providing N+1 redundancy across three white space modules, each of 30m2 of net usable ICT space.

The GDCS A2A ATP replaces the need for data centre internal CCU/ CRACUs and any external chillers or ADCs and associated pumps and water pipework circuits that accompany more conventional water cooled systems.

The GDCS A2A ATP utilises a derivative of the Munters ‘Oasis evaporative cooling system’ which is currently deployed on a large scale in the USA and Australia.

The entire white space volume of the GDCS A2A data centre modules is sealed and positively pressurised. The contained internal atmosphere is de-oxified from a natural 21% oxygen content level down to 15% - a level conducive to healthy human working but entirely prohibitive of fire ignition. The A2A modules therefore deliver complete protection from external pollution and internal fire.

The GDCS A2A modular data centre delivers the data centre requirements of today and tomorrow.

At the heart of the GDCS A2A modular data centre is a closed circuit ‘Air treatment pod (ATP). The ATP unit capitalises on the cool, wet atmospheric conditions of Northern Europe and Scandinavia to deliver several layers of ‘free cooling’. By this means the ATP delivers important sustainability and economic benefits over traditional cooling technologies.

Fig 2. A2A Process Diagram

Fig 3. Adiabatic / Evaporative Cooling Process

Fig 4. ATP Section

Specification Summary - The GDCS Air to Air (A2A) Solution