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      Data Centre Design and Construction

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Building Management and Monitoring Solutions

As each customer has different requirements and budgets we offer the right solution to match you the customer, but with the flexibility to upgrade and grow your system.  By offering a range of monitoring solutions from our global partners means we are not limiting you to one solution.

We don’t force or lock you in to a product that isn't flexible and adaptable to your requirements, after all the whole point of using a modular systems is making the whole system modular from the ground up.  Each element from the structure itself is designed to be modular, so why not the whole modular Data Centre including the monitoring and control systems.

Monitoring Solutions

Our Monitoring and Control solutions offerings range from global leaders in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. This technology and applications have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect, integrate and interoperate with each other and the enterprise.

Using configurable software frameworks extend connectivity, integration and interoperability to the millions of devices deployed in the market today and empowers manufacturers to develop intelligent equipment systems and smart devices that enable collaboration and communication between the enterprise and edge assets.  Our solutions allow for building and managing complex monitoring, control, and automation solutions, including applications for building control, facility management, industrial automation, physical security, energy information systems, telecommunications, smart homes, M2M and smart services.

Interface Module

One Integrated System to monitor all your requirements under an open source software, with no annual license fees.

Options may vary depending on solution offering, Internet connection required and not included as part of  the  system.

Sample Graphical Interface

Our Monitoring solutions offer the added benefit of various remote access interfaces, be that from a smart phone and tablet to desktop, and all via a web browser interface.  All of which are available anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

With various options you can be alerted should there be an issue, various notifications types can be setup to send alerts.  Alerts can be setup via email messages, text messages, pager/voice messaging.  Note: charges apply for certain services such as text messaging.

Remote Monitoring and Graphical Interface Solutions