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Securiclad Partition Systems

Gardner DC Solutions Ltd are approved installers of the Securiclad system:

The high security modular composite wall panel system to LPS1175 SR3 and SR4 rating.

Approved by

A Safe and Secure Option

With the rising threat of terrorist activity, demand for security products has escalated driving up security standards.

In response to this growing demand the Government has tried to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of fit for purpose security products to meet demand predicted over the next few years.

The Securiclad panel has been approved for HM Government use and has passed rigorous testing by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, achieving LPS 1175 Security Rating 4. This security rating applies to our system being the prime barrier and can be an option as an internal secondary barrier.

The Securiclad system can be used as an enclosure or partition wall and is able to withstand organised attacks by bodily force and tools.

Securiclad can be used in the following industries/sectors:

iMODULUS-FP Flat Pack Data Centre Solution

Securiclad Security Panel BRE Testing

Excellent Performance Under Rigorous Testing

Securiclad was initially tested by BRE in Watford to attain a ‘solution’ which achieved LPS 1175 SR4 at the first attempt.

Following extensive testing at Isoclad Ltd carried out by the BRE Securiclad was put on destructive testing as a system and achieved the SR4 rating. With the combination of materials positioned accurately and manufactured into a composite panel offers an intruder resistance as a prime barrier.

Securiclad Panel Installation - Quick & Easy to Install

Installation of this Securiclad system is simple and efficient.

The panel system offers a method of construction that is significantly faster and simpler to install than conventional methods.

Composite Panel System’s

Isoclad structural composite panel is produced on a continuous laminating machine and consists of a ‘core’ of thermally efficient insulant which is bonded between pre-stressed galvanised steel faces.

The complete ‘sandwich composite’ process gives the panel its structurally impressive ‘free spanning’ characteristics and makes it suitable for both internal and external applications.

Some of the most common applications where Isoclad composite panels have been used are:


Typical Types of  Installation - Quick & Easy to Install