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      Data Centre Design and Construction

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iMODULUS Modular Data Centre


Containerised Date Centre

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GDCS Large Scale

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Engineered Solutions for an Ever Changing World

iMODULUS is an innovative modular data centre solution that adapts to virtually any situation. The design allows you to be flexible and truly scalable and provides you with the ability to adapt in a cost effective way.

In an ever changing world of technology requirements and trying to predict the behavior of the global business markets, life has never been more complex.  What is clear is that businesses adapting and investing in forward thinking scalable strategies will be better positioned to take advantage of these markets, helping to protect them and their client’s demands.

As the world constantly changes, now is a great time to consider the alternative solutions for your Data Centre current and future requirements.  Gardner’s iMODULUS Data Centre system is the only truly scalable alternative that will grow with your business requirements.

All of the iMODULUS Data Centre solutions offered by Gardner DC Solutions Ltd, brings you, the client, full flexibility as standard and come’s with dedicated plant covering all power and cooling requirements, together with the highest levels of industry expertise.

GDCS A2A Module

Air to Air Free Cooling Module

Design and Teamwork

We work with you, from conception to delivery, making sure your goals and requirements are achieved for the present and future.  Using a modular approach helps you plan your budget, after all why pay for space you may not need until the future.

Network and Hardware

We work with world leading suppliers in cabling solutions and hardware. Offering modular cabling solutions and various levels of hardware from cabinets to servers  After all its what’s inside counts.


We understand that energy consumption plays a key part in the running costs of your modular data centre, that’s why we offer you the latest technology in power and cooling from the worlds leading manufacturers.  Helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, that’s why we believe in the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre’s.

Fire Detection and Prevention Systems

Protecting the internal and external environment of your modular data centre plays a key part in keeping your business running.  We offer varying levels of detection and suppression using leading global suppliers, from Aspiration to water mist and gas suppression systems.

External and Internal Security

We understand security is a big part of your Data Centre, that's why we work with the top suppliers in the industry when it comes to planning and selection of the right equipment.  Ranging from security rated panel walls, fencing systems, cameras to IRIS and Face recognition.  The basic elements to high security.

Systems Monitoring

Using various types of the latest Building and Energy management systems to suit your requirement.  We can monitor from the main  incoming supply to the the server switch. All internal and external environmental points. Remote monitoring and notifications. Remote Pro-active plant and equipment maintenance tracking.  Bespoke controls and clear simple graphics.

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