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      Data Centre Design and Construction

Gardner DC Solutions Ltd

Gardner DC Solutions isoMODULUS range is a bespoke engineered modular Data Centre that has been developed to offer a client, true white space in a modular format that allows flexibility and full all round internal access to the data cabinets.

isoMODULUS incorporates all the latest technology with regards to environmental and technical excellence throughout the Data Centre and its operation.

isoMODULUS is modular and scalable, available in Tier 1 to 4 levels of resilience, and S1 – S4 levels of security and higher if requested.

The Gardner DC Solutions isoMODULUS Data Centre is designed for solutions where a requirement for a fast, deployable and flexible, small to medium sized Data Centre or extension to an existing Data Centre infrastructure is required, without using existing valuable building office space or who even require their own high density suite.


The options that are available cover all aspects of potential IT requirements; ranging from full access to the front and rear of the data cabinets along with various other integrated design options, featuring free cooling, fire suppressant system, integrated power solutions with mains and uninterrupted power supplys.

Overall bespoke package design ensures fully optimised running costs.

isoMODULUS is engineered to your requirements and built from the base up, unlike some containerised Data Centre modules that are based on fitted out standard ‘ISO’ containers.


Portable Modular Data Centre

The portable and energy efficient  iso & non-iso true technical space

Trans-portable Data Centre.

Modular and Scalable:

IT systems are a crucial asset of most Organisations. One of the main concerns is Business Continuity.

Companies rely on their information system to run their operations with high standards assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment.

The isoMODULUS Data Centre provides an Up-gradable, Re-deployable and Scalable Asset, that can be moved quickly to another facility or upgraded to the latest technology to meet the business continuity of your organization. Thus allowing for upgrades to existing infrastructure without the need for extensive building or construction.

isoMODULUS can be supplied as a ready for use solution, significantly reducing the clients risk:

Considerations are:

Reduced Client costs include – Savings in Project Management, Engineering, Procurement and Installation.

isoMODULUS fits all situations as it is a bespoke engineered solution offering and can be used for all types users ranging from:

Oil and Gas - Mining - Commercial - Financial Sector - Telecom's - Defence and Security - R&D - Cloud Services - Scientific

Environmental awareness:

Only environmentally friendly materials are used, contributing to a low carbon footprint via the use of state of the art technologies, factory build allowing the control and disposal of waste material.


IsoMODULUS can be positioned on any site, indoor or outdoor around the world while also retaining its re-deployability aspect.

General Construction Details:

Bespoke Secure 1 to Secure 4 iso or non-iso steel frame with corrugated/flat steel sheet façade, offered in various RAL colours that are suitable to the intended environment.  All six sides are secure and have a minimum F30 fire protection classification, Meets All International Standards.

Access system:

isoMODULUS basic secure access system is by means of a lock cylinder and three keys and corresponds to BSIA Access Security Grade 1 / En5033 1A, 1B, 2A / NSI Level 1

Alternatively, isoMODULUS can offer anything from pin or token (BSIA Grade 2) to 3 factors including Biometrics Access System (BSIA Grade 4), and are fully compliant in the associated European Standards (EN) and National Security Inspectorate (NSI) levels.

Fire Detection:

IsoModulus come equipped with optical and ionisation fire detection system as standard.

Air sampling is offered on all modules equipped with Free Fresh Air Technology.

Extinguishing system:

isoMODULUS Data Centres are fitted out with VESDA units which are integrated into a fully automatic compact fire alarm and extinguishing system and separate control panel, Gas or water suppression is used as the extinguishing medium.


Full functional testing is carried out prior to despatch and verification testing following installation.

Factory tests include but are not limited to;

Project specific operating and maintenance manual review.

Client specific tests can be accommodated.

Generator / Power Supply Modules:

Internal / External Power Generation modules are available.


isoMODULUS offers the various cooling methods including free cooling and can offer from 500W to 45kW per cabinet.


A BMS/EMS is provided as standard to monitor all the main switches and capital plant items.

This provides a real-time monitoring system that is capable of delivering the detailed information to reduce energy usage and maximize energy efficiency, while ensuring ultimate system health and performance.

The system is suitable for Local / Remote (option extra) / Multi-Site View and has a number of additional options available.

Alternatively, a system already used by the customer can also be integrated.

Power Supply

isoMODULUS is provided with an integral power supply solution suitable for the required Tier Rating:

Mains Low Voltage supply, Static Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), system with 5 minute battery back-up as standard

Optional Generator supply available.

Raised flooring:

Minimum of 200 mm void using anti-static heavy duty floor tiles to the white space area, Chequer plate to plant area.

Security / CCTV

isoMODULUS is built with mechanical security and does not offer electronic security in its basic manufactured state.

It is provided with containment for the installation of client specific security solutions.

Modules can also be fitted with the latest range of electronic security equipment for the client who requires a truly plug and play module.

Security Wall Panelling

isoMODULUS is already lined with a standard insulated panel but can be upgraded to meet British Standards (BS) 5051 (1988) / European Standard EN 1063: 1999 / North American NIJ 0108-01


The service includes one maintenance inspection per year (plus material costs).

Our standard warranty for the housings and items supplied by Gardner DC Solutions would be 12 months from delivery; however, this period is available to be extended to a period of 36 months.

All equipment used will be backed by the standard manufacturer’s warranty and also available to be extended at cost.

Where possible, local support structure for all servicing and maintenance needs will be utilised.

Management of Works:

Gardner DC Solutions can offer full production management including setting out drawings and liaison/co-ordination with the client’s site team during the initial preparation and build phases.

Gardner DC Solutions are also able to offer a complete management service as an optional extra.

Client Cost Savings:

isoMODULUS is a cost effective, re-deployable asset offering low CAPEX, OPEX, PUE and is expandable in line with organic growth.